Why Stream RCM?

We are here for you, now and always!

The Value We Bring

Our clients enjoy custom strategies that are tailored to unique revenue flow challenges plus, we're so committed to helping our clients save money that we always offer the option to work with a client's existing software! Our dedicated team is ready to help you create a revenue growth action plan with automated, optimized processes.

Together we win,
Together we survive

We focused on solving some of the most complex problems of the revenue cycle business by applying technology and process automation. Our team of experts has the knowledge and experience to serve your facility with detailed and accurate work. With our extensive knowledge, we relay information to your team and train them in the best practices that will increase your revenue.

The Stream RCM Difference

  • Dedicated billing staff who get to know you and your practice
  • No need to purchase additional software
  • Regular updates on your practice's RCM
  • Our compensation depends on your success
  • We're passionate about our clients. We want to see you succeed!
  • We offer personalized services and tailor our work to your needs.

We are located here

14430 Ocean Point, El Paso, TX 79938

We are accredited with BBB