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Reporting in medical billing performance is more complicated today than ever before because the options for reporting are much greater. To truly measure specific practice performance processes that impact your revenue cycles such as medical billing, patient pre-collections, and claim denial corrections, custom reports are a necessary tool. Custom reporting presents a single source of data and metrics that allows you to assess and compare billing and collection performance trends more effectively.

What difference does Stream RCM make for you?

Stream RCM provides you with reliable and efficient financial reports for your practice. These reports will provide you with accurate information regarding the health of your practice, reduce the percentage of lost revenue, keeping the practice financially sound. We provide the following reports:

  • Charges and Payments Summary report
  • CPT Code analysis report
  • The Accounts Receivables Aging Report
  • Variance report
  • Monthly Payment by Insurance
  • Appointments without Claim

In simple words, we are a complete solution for managing and delivering all types of medical billing financial reports.

Customized Reports

Stream RCM also provides customized reports based on your needs. There could be different other reports that might be helpful to grow your practice, your billing team will always be available to manage such reports for you. We can also help you in preparing BAD debt write-off reports for TAX purposes, Patient balances, Yearly comparisons, and many more.

Below are some tips for creating custom reports for a medical practice.


Stream RCM is running the right medical billing report for you

Medical billing reports are a great tool for helping you diagnose the financial health of your practice, but that doesn’t mean they’re easy to understand.

Through our innovative approach, we ensure that you gain valuable insights into your practice's financial performance, enabling you to optimize revenue generation and streamline operations effectively.

Accounts Receivable Aging report to track how long claim take to process.

Key Performance Indicators report spotting trends in collections.

Top Carrier/Insurance Analysis report to make sure you’re charging the right amount.

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