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From the front of your office to the back, managing your practice and your revenue cycle has never been easier. . You may have years of experience with patient care, but taking care of billing, scheduling, and coding may still be a foreign practice. Handling billing processes, generating reports, and scheduling patient visits by keeping patient information private and secure can be a headache for office staff. Now you can reduce the burden on your staff and increase the strength of your financials with Stream RCM

Save your time in the following areas with our Practice Management Solutions:

Patient Records

You need to quickly access EHRs including past visits, Health records, previous medication, and many more. We will help you to manage and navigate all these components in one place.

Payment Posting

Stream RCM manages the payment process to confirm receipt of all payments due to the client. Stream RCM analyzes EOBs (explanation of benefits) for proper reimbursements. We review your receipts to make sure every payment is directly deposited to your bank, so you are paid faster.

Claim Processing

Speaking of payments, a practice management system generates billing statements and electronic claim based on the care provided. More advanced practice management systems will check your claim for quality control before they are submitted to the insurer.

Patient Billing

Every month, Stream RCM issues patient statements for any remaining patient balance due. Our phone number appears on every patient statement for billing inquiries. Stream RCM welcomes discussion with the patient and will complete the cycle by arranging payment plans as needed.


Stream RCM provides full credentialing support to assist providers in maintaining their participation in existing networks, applying to new networks, and/or updating practice details. We have experience working with credentialing in multiple states and both government and commercial payers.

Account Receivables

Stream RCM monitors your accounts receivable every month for problem payers, insurance issues, and cold accounts.

Patient’s Debt Collections

Stream RCM provides soft patient collections calls on patient balances over 30 days old. We also will work closely with an outside collection agency to turn over patient accounts at your request.


We provide EOM end-of-month reporting outlining your practice financials in an easy-to-read format. Stream RCM can tailor any report to meet your needs.

Our Aptitude forPractice Management

Setting Down
Patient Demographics

Planning Patient

Billing Procedures

Insurance Claim

Processing Payments from Patients,
Insurance Providers, and Third Parties

Reports for Staff Members

With Practice ManagementSolution, Practice Staff can

Reduce Manual
Billing and Paperwork

Speed up the Payment
Process for Better Cash Flow

Receive Faster Reimbursement
Decisions from Insurance Companies

Process Claim more
Efficiently and Effectively

Share Information with
other Staff in the Practice

Spend Less Time on Paperwork
and more Time with Patients

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