Medical Billing

Elevate your Revenue Streams with Professional Medical
Billing Services backed by Proven Records

Simplify your Billing
Workflow with Stream RCM

Let’s partner with a team of billing professionals who are solely focused on maximizing revenue and ensuring a great experience for both your practice and your patients.

Medical billing is an allied service support department to healthcare providers for both hospitals and doctors. Right medical billing requires not only a spectrum of knowledge and understanding of the medical billing process but also blended with provider specialty billing experience and awareness of constantly changing health insurance company rules and norms.

Smart Billing Services

Stream RCM provides professional, expert medical billing, collection, and administrative services for medical practitioners. Whether you require a complete billing service from start to finish or just need temporary staffing our experienced medical billing and collection team is sure to impress you.

Not all billing services are suited for all customers. We would like to assist you in any way possible, so our first step is always to determine what type of services you need and what is important to you. Then we can decide what solutions are best for you.

Focal Points of
Medical Billing Services

Claim Submission

Payment Posting

Patient Statements

Error-free Charge Entry

Insurance Verification in No-time

Follow-up and Appeals

Full Service Billing Solution

Ease the burden on your staff with Stream RCM

Let us manage the medical billing challenges you and your staff are facing every day. Let us overcome these hurdles so that you can concentrate on your practice. Years of experience have allowed us to develop tried and true processes to face these challenges and get you paid.

  • Charge capture and posting
  • Electronic Claim Processing
  • Patient Billing
  • Payment Posting
  • Charge Entry
  • Reporting
  • Cycle Management

Experience seamless billing with Stream RCM

You’ll be on the path to success by:

  • Increment in cash flow
  • A/R Reduction
  • Access to excellent talent
  • Operational Excellence
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Trusted Partnership

Say Goodbye to Billing Challenges with Stream RCM

  • We are HIPAA Compliant and Secure.
  • Vast Billing Experience in all major states of US
  • Experienced in all type of EHR/EMRs.
  • Dedicated Billing Account Manager for quick processing.
  • Timely collection of payments claims.
  • Reduction in denials and lowering the cost of normal billing activity.
  • Enhancement in cash flow with faster claim processing.
  • We drives up patient satisfaction with highest accuracy.
  • Electronic processing of medical claims with dedicated Billing support.

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